Best cleaning products for kitchen
Simix is 48 cents a gallon

 Best cleaning products for kitchen and a clean house or office.
It really is a difficult task keeping the interiors of places clean. The wooden walls, the marble floor tiles, the ceramics, the window glasses, so many different materials need to be kept clean so that the place remains habitable. At times this becomes too much of a headache, because not only do certain materials have a special propensity for getting dirty very quickly, they also need different kinds of cleaners to clean them. The result? A lot of time wasted scrubbing and cleaning these surfaces every day, and a lot of money wasted in buying ten different kinds of cleaners, one for each type of surface.

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Disinfect Sanitize any Surface

Simix-cleanerBefore and after Simix Cleaner. The surface was highly contaminated and Simix makes it sterile for ten cents a quart

This is where the best cleaning products for kitchen comes in. What if we told you that this cleaner can solve all the problems mentioned above, and many more? Hang on as we convince you why this is the best cleaner in the world.
As it happens, this cleaner utilizes the same Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) chemical compound that has the useful feature of being photo-catalytic. What this means, is that this compound works with sunlight (or even artificial light) to break down unwanted organisms like algae, bacteria, floor grime, mold, and other viruses which come into contact with it, and that too, quite efficiently. Therefore, a single layer of All Purpose Cleaner can defend against multiple invasions from the nuisances mentioned above, due to its resilient components.
Another one of its huge advantages, is that it is an excellent alternative for bleach. We are all aware (or even if we are not, we shall get so) that bleach is not a safe option to use inside interiors, since these are mostly inhabited by humans. And guess what? The human skin does not have a particularly good tolerance for bleach. It can cause burns, allergies, and if we talk about something other than the human skin, it does not take long to recall that bleach also dulls all the surfaces it is used on.So  what is the best cleaning product?  All Purpose Cleaner takes all the advantages of bleach and excludes all of its negative aspects.
Furthermore, it utilizes a unique method to fight germs and bacteria, in order to exterminate them. This is the use of a solution with a high pH. The pH of a solution is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, with 1 being highly acidic, and 14 being highly alkaline. Most microbes and germs can exist between a pH value of 4.8 and 9.2, and here is where we really drive the point home about the best cleaner in the world  status: while most cleaners are pH neutral, the  All Purpose Cleaner has a pH greater than 12. This means that you do not have the conditions for microbial growth, and so, the application of this cleaner can prevent any unwanted organic growth for a long, long time. What is more, the cleaner also removes all bad odor from the place it is in, so that rooms start to feel much fresher and better, even though the cleaner does not have a fragrance of its own.
So much punch packed into a single product should cost a lot, right? Well guess what, the  All Purpose Cleaner costs under 40 cents a gallon! That is more economical than most of the cleaners available on the market.
Moreover, the efficacy of this cleaner is tried and tested, using the Hygiena™ Luminator Testing Device, a device that can measure the degree of ‘dirtiness’ and ‘infection’ for a particular place.

In one experiment (video linked below), this device was used to detect the amount of bacteria and fungi growth on the surface of door knobs, with a value of 10 or below being a satisfactory safe limit for one to say that the door knob is clean. When the initial pre-application measurements were taken, the value came out to be a whopping 193! Bacteria and fungi were swarming its surface. After that, our SIMIX® All
Purpose Cleaner was applied to the knob, and measurements taken again by the Hygiena™ Luminator. Guess what the level was this time? Zero.

This is how quickly and thoroughly our cleaners do their work.
To round it all off, let us tell you that our cleaner is also extremely versatile. You can use it in your kitchen, in bathrooms and showers, in salons, in locker rooms, kennels, on VCT Tiles, on terrazzo’s, on tiles and grout, on concrete, and even on carpet. Now that is an exhaustive list!
So let go of all worries, and make your life easier. Order the SIMIX® All Purpose Cleaner now!

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best cleaning products for kitchen andthe best cleaner in the world 2018 for carpets

All the professional carpet cleaners are using one fourth of an ounce in their hot water machines for carpets,upholstery you name it.You cannot beat that price,At this point the price is about 20 cents a gallon making simix probably,with all it's versatility, the best cleaner in the world and Simix could help with your well health safety seal

One Product for All Your
  Interior  and exterior Cleaning Needs

Easy to use
Removes dirt, grease, bacteria and mold
Safer and cheaper than bleach
Removes odors including pet, urine, smoke
and food
Tough jobs like locker rooms, restrooms,
garbage cans and kennels
High pH keeps fighting germs long after
you’ve cleaned
Keeps surfaces cleaner longer
Environmentally friendly

best cleaning products for kitchen and The most cost-effective cleaner in today’s market. Pet friendly cleaner,plant friendly as well

What can SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner be used to
clean? When we say “All Purpose,” we mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!SIMIX
cleans virtually anything. You mix it in a sprayer bottle
and use it on kitchen and restroom surfaces. It cleans
carpets,workout equipment, Laundry, Dirty dog kennels. It removes urine
in restrooms, the smell is gone and prevents odors
from returning. It removes mold and keep it from coming back.

What surfaces can SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner be
used on? Carpeting, Hard Flooring, Kitchens and
Bathrooms, Dog Kennels, Salon Surfaces including
Counters and Floors, Locker Rooms, Laundry, Garbage
Cans, Hot Tubs, Pools and Decks. Flooring including
VCT Tile, Terrazzo, Hard Tile with Grout, Linoleum,
Marmoleum, Epoxy, Natural Stone, Urethane and
Polyurethane Wood Flooring, Treated And Untreated
Wood, Glass and Unfinished Metal. See back of pouch
for mixing instructions.
How do I use SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner? SIMIX
comes in a powder form. It dissolves easily in water.
Easy-to-understand instructions are on the pouch, but
the bottom line is: for tough jobs and outdoor work,
you use a higher concentration. If you’re doing laundry,
you can just dissolve it in the machine.
Best cleaner in the world  2018 for everything including car detailing

Does SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner have a scent?
SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner does not contain a fake,
perfume scent. It is fragrance free. But it does leave
rooms smelling better, because it removes microbes
and molds that cause bad odors and keeps working
to prevent them from coming back.
Does SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner leave behind a
residue? SIMIX comes in a powder that is dissolved
in water. It does not leave a sticky film residue like
liquid cleaners.

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Why does SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner have a high
pH? Microbes need an environment that includes
nutrients, temperature and a certain pH range. Most
microbes like a pH of 6 to 8. They can’t live in
environments that are below 4.8 or above 9.2. While
most cleaning products are pH neutral, SIMIX All
Purpose Cleaner has a pH greater than 12. With SIMIX
All Purpose Cleaner, you can easily maintain a clean
environment that does not support microbial growth.

Is SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner hypoallergenic?
Yes, SIMIX has been tested in laboratories and found
to be completely hypoallergenic.

How does it work?
SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner
is nano-engineered, and
works in the world of
particles that are one
thousand times smaller
than the human eye can
see. SIMIX contains
sub-nano and nanoparticles
that react with
sunlight or artificial light
to break down mold,
algae, smog, tannin,
oil stains and grime.

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best cleaning products for kitchen and best cleaner for Floors

best cleaning products for kitchen and best cleaner for auto interior and best cleaner for car interior plastic

The cleaner that never stops working

Learn about Tio2 below

Best cleaner in the world that keeps on cleaning Best cleaner in the world that keeps on cleaning Best cleaner in the world that keeps on cleaning

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