St Augustine, A testing site for photo catalytic Activity

Hello,My name is Tony Hopcraft

How did this happen to me? 13 Years ago a scientist called me and wanted me to test out a car care product.I blew him off because I had found after spending thousands of dollars on car care products over the years,I knew there was nothing new under the sun.

I was wrong.

The car care product they developed was fantastic, so I became interested in their technology for buildings and pavers.

This site is all about their building technology and self cleaning surfaces that, when exposed to UV light whether interior or exterior UV light, the surface is always self cleaning

The photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide were discovered by Akira Fujishima in 1967 and published in 1972.The process on the surface of the titanium dioxide was called the Honda-Fujishima effect.

These guys who were into nano molecular manipulation and photo-catalytic properties needed this simple little detail man to try out their product.I did and was blown away.I haven't used wax in twelve years and I deal with world class aircraft,autos,Cycles RV's.

They educated me on hydro-phobic and hydro-philic coatings.New technology in the coatings world.

These guys did coatings for the space shuttle, I later found out.

Then they say, "We have a product that makes buildings and houses self clean"

That sounded unreal to me but here I am, twelve years later a total believer in the technology because with millions of square feet treated world wide,I have seen the reality of nano titanium dioxide and potassium silicates perform.

Why did they need me

They needed me because they were from Wisconsin and they needed someone to test their product who had better UV light year round.So here I am.Present day I have treated thousands of square feet of building around the state and according to the building and home owners,their properties stay clean with minimal maintenance.You can learn more about me on my detailing website.I gave that business to Roy 3 years ago.

Then came Disinfection

When Diluted properly Ten Cents A Quart

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