Simix Cleaner Testimonials

Simix cleaner has made cleaning our front deck and entry way so much easier and inexpensive. I highly recomend simix cleaner to any restuarant owner.

My maintenance people love it!

David White O C Whites bayfront St Augustine


We have been using Simix cleaner for years with great results. We love it.

Bobby,Timmy, and Johnny Owners Osteens Restaurant


Always enjoy sharing the different ways we've come up using the all purpose cleaner. I must sound like a TV sales personality hyping the product, but I am genuinely thrilled with how it has worked. I knew it was a winner when I was able to apply the “Tom Sawyer” method of cleaning. I demonstrated how it works to the staff and left several sprayers lying around. Their comments were, they couldn’t believe how well it worked and how easily it cleaned. The best part is they were using it without being told! For a lack of better word, it almost seemed like they were having fun. As you know, I’ve been a franchisee of The Original Pancake House for over 43 years and in that time have tried and used most every cleaning product available, many of which were harsh, irritating to the user and an accident waiting to happen if mixed together incorrectly. I’m pleased to say that’s not the case with SIMIX. We’ve been able to replace every cleaning chemical we were using with just yours. In fact we’ve begun using it to clean our fryers instead of the caustic pucks.

Dale E (Original Pancake House)

Our floors are definitely cleaner but more importantly, they do not feel slippery when you walk. The grease and build-up is really gone.

The same with our bathroom and bar floors. After a while, the chemical cleaner we were using would build up and make floors tacky. Your product doesn't do that.

We have also found that any plastic coated shelves that we use for storage clean right up with a soak in hot water and a small scoop of Simix. If you have ever seen any of the white plastic shelving that gets yellowed and gummy, this residue comes right off after soaking, no scrubbing needed.

Danielle (Erv's Mug)


BOISE, Idaho (Nov. 22, 2019) – Hawkins Pac Out in Boise is a busy, old-school drive-in. They make fries and burgers, so grease is a constant challenge.

That’s why switching to Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner has been so important.

​“Pretty awesome stuff,” owner Justin Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman sent us these photos of the grill screens they cleaning with Simix.

“What really impressed me was not just that the screens come really clean, but the amount of elbow grease it takes now is virtually nothing compared to how we used to clean them,” Zimmerman said.

“We just put Simix and Dawn in very hot water, mix it well. Then we will put two grill screens in the sink at a time. Let them sit for a minute. Then just move them up and down in the water. The majority of the grease comes off (especially in the first two, there are a total of 5),” he said. “Then we just use a brush to get what grease is left and we are done.”

Zimmerman said that they are using Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner all over the restaurant, replacing Simple Green, a heavy duty degreaser and some other cleaners.


I manage 32 QSR and casual dining locations in LAX Airport. We started using Simix since January 2019 and haven’t stop since. What I like most about Simix product is that we can use it on multiple application. Such as cleaning coffee dispensers, boil out fryer, drain flush to prevent clogs and fruit flies just by using cleaner on the 3-compartment or service sink daily. Simix have boosted our cleaning for health department visits and keeping our floor less slippery. Sincerely,

Ung Ho (LAX Los Angeles World Airports)

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