Simix All Purpose Cleaner for car detailing
Clean everything for 48 cents a gallon

In the auto detailing industry,anAll Purpose Cleaner for car detailing  ensuring customer satisfaction is crucial to building and maintaining a strong client base. Being a hard-working person committed to delivering the best results is admirable, and nothing aids more in that journey than using the right products. The "all-purpose cleaner for car detailing" should be an integral part of every auto detailer's arsenal.

Finding the right car detailing product may be daunting, but let's narrow it down. For detailers desiring efficiency without compromising quality, Simix Cleaner stands out as the best cleaner for car detailing. Being an all-purpose cleaner, it covers almost every aspect of car detailing work, reducing the need for multiple products.

Watch it on car Seats

One of the areas an auto detailer spends most of his time is on the car's interior, specifically on seats and carpets. Using Simix Cleaner eliminates the need for several cleaning products. It is highly effective in cleaning seats, whether they're leather, fabric or synthetic, removing hardened stains, and refreshing the material.

For carpets similar to seats, Simix Cleaner easily tackles dirt and stubborn stains that are deeply rooted in the carpet fibers. It extracts all manner of filth, leaving the carpet looking fresh and clean. By using this all-purpose cleaner for car detailing, detailers are guaranteed a spotless, inviting interior.

Every driver appreciates clear, streak-free windshields and windows, and with Simix Cleaner this is achievable. It’s ideal for cleaning glass, offering a crystal-clear finish devoid of smudges or streaks often associated with standard glass cleaners. It ensures unparalleled visibility for the driver and a clean appearance for the car’s interior.

smoke odor car

Yet another useful advantage of Simix CleanerAll Purpose Cleaner for car detailing  is its ability to neutralize smoke odor. This is a significant benefit, especially for those hard-to-please clients who are particularly sensitive to smells. It doesn't just mask the smell; it totally eliminates it, leaving the car scent-free and more pleasing to the customer.

Aside from being highly effective, Simix Cleaner is a safe cleaner for car detailing. Its non-toxic formulation ensures it is harmless to both users and passengers. Detailers can use it confidently, knowing that it won't endanger their health or that of their customers.

In addition to being safe, Simix cleaner is eco-friendly. Auto detailers who are conscious about their impact on the environment will find solace in knowing that this product is biodegradable and does not contribute to environmental pollution.

Unique to Simix Cleaner, is its carbon-neutral property. The manufacturing process of this all-purpose cleaner does not emit excess carbon into the environment. This adds to the cleaner's eco-friendly credentials and makes it a preferred choice for environmentally-conscious auto detailers.

Simix is carbon neutral and one of its ingiedients are ti02

Simix Cleaner doesn't just clean, it also sanitizes.

Simix Cleaner doesn't just clean, it also sanitizes. Beyond leaving surfaces clean, it kills pathogenic microorganisms thereby protecting against viral and bacterial infections. This is especially beneficial in these times, when cleanliness and sanitation are paramount.

The secret behind Simix Cleaner’s lasting effect lies in its photocatalytic nanoparticles. These particles continue to work long after the detailing job is completed, providing an ongoing clean. The particles react with light and air to continuously break down organic material on a molecular level, keeping the vehicle clean for longer.

Simix Cleaner adds value to the business of any auto detailer

It decreases the need for several cleaning products, thus cutting down cleaning product costs and storage. The resulting savings can be used to grow other areas of the business, improving overall productivity.

The effectiveness and economy of Simix All Purpose Cleaner for car detailing  positively impacts customer satisfaction. Delivering remarkable results with just one product definitely impresses customers, leading to more patronage and referrals. Customers are happier knowing their vehicles are cleaned and sanitized with a safe, environment-friendly product.

As a professional detailer, using Simix Cleaner saves you time. Rather than juggling numerous products for different car parts, Simix Cleaner offers you a one-product solution, making your work quicker and more efficient.

In an industry replete with different cleaning products, Simix Cleaner offers a unique solution. This all-purpose cleaner fortifies auto detailers with the tool they need to undertake their work with confidence and pride.

Simix Cleaner's unique blend of efficiency, safety, and economy make it the optimal all-purpose cleaner for car detailing. Whether you are a professional detailer looking for the best product for your service or a car owner seeking the safest product for your vehicle, Simix Cleaner is the ideal choice.

In conclusion, the right all-purpose cleaner for detailing cars can mean the difference between satisfactory and outstanding results. Simix Cleaner offers auto detailers an excellent way to attain the latter, helping them maintain their customers’ happiness and build a strong reputation.

Who you are as a person and how you work is reflected in the tools you use, and Simix Cleaner is the perfect tool for the hard-working detailer striving to be their best. With this product, auto detailers can create memorable experiences for their clients, delivering the clean, fresh outcome that echoes their commitment to their craft.

What makes Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner so unique as an all All Purpose Cleaner for car detailing ? First it is incredibly effective, but it is also photo catalytic, which means as long as there is light from the sun or interior lighting it is always working.

I have been using Simix All Purpose Cleaner/Kitchen Degreaser in my auto detailing business for years but it works in the home, office, hospital, or anywhere you want to clean and stay cleaner longer.

It is being used in hospitals all over the world to bring down HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections).

When we say “All Purpose,” we mean it. SIMIX cleans virtually anything.

  • Mix it in a sprayer bottle and use it on kitchen and restroom surfaces.
  • It cleans carpets, laundry, and dirty dog kennels too.
  • It removes urine in restrooms. The smell is gone and it prevents odors from returning.
  • It removes mold and keeps it from coming back.
  • It cleans roofs ,floors and everything in between. 
  • It will clean, disinfect and sanitize

10 cents a quart one half teaspoon per quart


Windows(Not for window Tint)

All Purpose Cleaner is a necessity for our every day life. This one bag will make up to 1000 gallons of  cleaner including laundry. One bag contains billions of self cleaning nano particle titanium dioxide.

Removes pet, food, urine, and smoke odors!

The unique quality of this All Purpose Cleaner for car detailing cleaner are the nano particles of Ti02 which when you clean anything, will leave behind microscopic hydrogen peroxide producers, constantly sterilizing the surface.

It can also be used for laundry. In fact,  I began to wonder just all the places the product could be used, and I discovered practically everywhere.

I use this product practically everywhere,  I use it in houses I use it on buildings just about anything you can think of.

Sterilize Everything with no bleach smell

Clean some greasy kitchen floors like crazy for 18 cents a gallon. I mean this stuff is crazy when it comes to cleaning a greasy restaurant floor. I could not believe that two teaspoons per gallon cleaned that well.

How do I use SIMIX  Cleaner?

 SIMIX comes in a powder form. It dissolves easily in water. Easy-to-understand instructions are on the pouch, but the bottom line is: for tough jobs and outdoor work, you use a higher concentration. If you’re doing laundry, you can just dissolve it in the machine. Videos and more information are available on our website,

Does SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner have a scent?

SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner does not contain a fake, perfume scent. It is fragrance free. But it does leave rooms smelling better, because it removes microbes and molds that cause bad odors and keeps working to prevent them from coming back.

Why does SIMIX  Cleaner have a high pH?

Microbes need an environment that includes nutrients, temperature and a certain pH range. Most microbes like a pH of 6 to 8. They can’t live in environments that are below 4.8 or above 9.2. While most cleaning products are pH neutral, SIMIX   Cleaner has a pH greater than 12. With SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner, you can easily maintain a clean environment that does not support microbial growth.

One Product For All Janitorial Maintenance

Keeps surfaces cleaner longer
Safer and cheaper than bleach
Removes dirt, grease, bacteria and mold
Removes odors including pet, urine, smoke and food
Tough jobs like locker rooms, restrooms, garbage cans and kennels
High pH keeps fighting germs long after you’ve cleaned
Environmentally friendly
The most cost-effective cleaner in today’s market

all purpose cleaner for car detailing

I forgot an ink cartdridge in my pocket
This cleaner took it out I was shocked

What can SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner be used to clean? When we say “All Purpose,” we mean it. SIMIX cleans virtually anything. You mix it in a sprayer bottle and use it on kitchen and restroom surfaces. It cleans carpets. Laundry. Dirty dog kennels. It removes urine in restrooms, the smell is gone and prevents odors from returning. It removes mold and keeps it from coming back.
What surfaces can SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner be used on? Carpeting. Hard Flooring. Kitchens and Bathrooms. Dog Kennels. Salon Surfaces including Counters and Floors. Locker Rooms. Laundry. Garbage Cans. Hot Tubs, Pools and Decks. Flooring including VCT Tile, Terrazzo, Hard Tile with Grout, Linoleum, Marmoleum, Epoxy, Natural Stone, Urethane and Polyurethane Wood Flooring, Treated And Untreated

Wood, Glass and Unfinished Metal. It can also be used to battle white scale on sago palm See back of pouch for mixing instructions.
How do I use SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner? SIMIX comes in a powder form. It dissolves easily in water. Easy-to-understand instructions are on the pouch, but the bottom line is: for tough jobs and outdoor work, you use a higher concentration. If you’re doing laundry, you can just dissolve it in the machine. Videos and more information are available on our website,

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Mixing Instructions

sds  Safety Sheet

One Bag 64.00 (10 cents a quart buy 4 and save forty dollars)

multiple-cleaning-productsSimix Replaces Multiple Products
my roof is turning blackYou can clean anything with Simix